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Do you know why you need to learn web design? Read on, but be sure you already have basic computer knowledge. Our job is more advanced than teaching how to use a computer.



With the way things are evolving, everyone who hopes to succeed in this technological era must have basic understanding of the internet, and must be able to instruct a computer -- that's where being nerdy comes in! Ultimately, you must have need to CODE... If you have no laptop computer, you will need one!


Everything you need to be at the fore-front is included in this package. We train in batches, but offer personal training too. If you are reading this now, then our next batch of training is going to start in less than a month, and you can enroll now. It will cost you a little to learn so much. You will learn some or all of these, depending on how brilliant and commited you are:


1) Introduction to the internet

You will learn in a day how to empower yourself with the power of the internet, the opportunities that abound, and untapped potentials.


2) Website Design

You will learn in few days how to write HTML and CSS codes which would produce a webpage, and you don't have to be afraid of the CODES. We will also show you some basics of graphic design for the sole purpose of website designing.


3) PHP Programming

You will learn in few days how to use PHP language to collect data from web forms and send to email or save to database. By doing this, you must pass through variables, array, functions etc. Don't be scared, you can build more than you can imagine with this.


4) MySQL Database Management

You will learn in few days how to create and manage a MYSQL database where you will save data collected while using php to program. Database administration, to you, will become as easy as stacking books on a shelf.


5) Build a Web App

We will combine all these knowledge to build an App that runs on a webserver. You can call it a website, or a web application or whatever you want to.


6) We don't have a No 6, Now What?

Send an email to with your Name, Location, Age and other details like when you would like to begin, whether you are learning as a team or individual, and if you require us to come to you or you come to us. You will receive a response for more details.



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